American Packaging


Location: APC Drive, Town of Chili, Monroe County
Client: American Packaging
Project Type: Industrial/Office – Flexographic Printing Center
Completed: Phase 1 – 2017, Phase 2 – 2019
Engineers: Matt Tomlinson


Project Description:

American Packaging Corporation (APC) approached us with an opportunity to relocate and expand their local operations to a vacant 47-acre parcel on the north side of Beaver Road, just west of Archer Road.

APC constructed a 400,000-sf building approved in two phases, along with parking, utilities, stormwater management and other infrastructure. Two variances were required as part of the project due to APC’s configuration on the site, and unique requirements to be proximate to the railway for material delivery and product shipping. American Packaging also land-banked a significant number of the parking spaces required by Town Code in an effort to limit impervious surfaces on the site.

Marathon Engineering, Town officials, and the American Packaging internal engineering staff worked together closely throughout the entitlement process to foster a successful outcome.

Overseas machinery deliveries created an aggressive schedule, which the Town accommodated with dedicated meetings and attentive review. Marathon Engineering helped advance the timeline by eliciting prompt responses from all reviewing agencies.

Approvals of this nature can typically take between 6-9 months, but this unified approach resulted in a 3-month municipal approval period from initial submission to site plan and variance approval, breaking ground in Spring of 2017. Phase 2 was also fast-tracked and began construction in Spring of 2019, due to the majority of the necessary infrastructure being installed in Phase 1.