Howlett Acres



Location: Town of Henrietta, Monroe County
Client: HG&H Land Company
Project Type: Single-Family Residential Subdivision
Completed: Section 1 completed 2020, Section 2 completed 2021, Section 3 completed 2022
Engineers: Richard Tiede


Project Description:

Howlett Acres is a single-family residential subdivision located on the southeast corner of East River Road (County Road 84) and Erie Station Road (NYS Route 253) in the Town of Henrietta, Monroe County. Five existing parcels totaling 105 acres were combined and 4 remaining parcels were removed, allotting a total of 56.5 acres for the subdivision. A conventional subdivision layout was created to establish development density at 107 lots. The approvals then progressed as a Town Law 278 Cluster Subdivision with reductions in lot size, impacted area, and infrastructure. With the clustering approval, 19 acres of land was protected by dedicated open space and conservation easements, helping to protect the sensitive wetland areas.

Design and approvals required coordination with the Monroe County Department of Transportation, as well as the New York State Department of Transportation for access, traffic requirements and impact mitigation. Through this process, 2 street entry locations were approved connecting East River Road, as well as a reserved entry location connecting to Erie Station Road to a remaining corner parcel. These entry locations were contingent on sidewalk installation along Erie Station Road, as well as improvements to the East River Road/Erie Station Road intersection.

All utilities were located on or near the site; the sanitary sewer required a lift station to provide a connection to the sewer located across the street. The lift station was designed to Town specifications and offered for dedication. All sanitary sewer within the subdivision flows by gravity to the lift station.

The final layout was constructed in 3 sections, including 4,900 lineal feet of dedicated roadway, landscaping to Town requirements, as well as a trail network through the open space.