Oakfield-Alabama Central School District

Location: Town of Oakfield, Genesee County
Client: Oakfield-Alabama CSD
Project Type: Educational
Completed: Summer 2022
Engineers: Lucas Bushen

Project Description:

We worked with SEI Design Group and Oakfield-Alabama School staff to design the site improvements associated with the Oakfield-Alabama Central School District 2020 Capital Improvement Project.

In addition to a number of interior renovations across the Middle/High and Elementary School, the district wanted vehicular circulation improved around the site. They were experiencing significant backup during drop-off hours, particularly at the elementary school where more parents tend to drop-off their children.

We developed an overall access masterplan of the site, which improved circulation and safety by separating the bus and parent drop-off and isolating the access points to reduce instances of vehicle paths merging or crossing. Pedestrian safety was also an important element of the site improvements as a significant number of students walk or bike to school from the village. Continuous pedestrian paths into and throughout the school property were implemented, including signage and protected pedestrian crossings.

The school also has athletic facilities across the site, used by both students and the public. We worked with the district to determine which facilities could be approved within the site budget and implement a plan for future improvements of the remainder. Under this project the tennis courts were updated, with a rehabilitated court surface, new school branded fencing, and nets, benches, etc. We are continuing to work with the district to plan for future athletic field improvements.