Penn-Fair Plaza Updates


Location: Penfield Road, Town of Penfield, Monroe County
Client: Penn-Fair Plaza, LLC
Project Type: Office/Medical
Completed: 2021
Engineers: Matt Tomlinson


Project Description:

In 2019, the Penn-Fair Plaza owners approached us about an exciting new tenant relocating to a portion of the plaza. The existing plaza was a mix of retail, restaurants, and a laboratory testing facility. Rochester Regional Health wanted to increase their presence in the area and provide Immediate Care to the surrounding community. A small building addition and more than half of the main building was redeveloped as part of the plaza upgrades. They also wanted to improve and define the traffic flow to and through the plaza.

We developed numerous concepts and worked with the applicant and Town staff to arrive at a much-improved layout that better defined the entrances off of NYS Route 250, added curbing to define travel ways, and improved the pedestrian experience by adding sidewalks and crosswalks. Perpendicular parking spaces were removed from main drive areas and concentrated in individual parking lots. The total number of parking spaces was slightly reduced, but safety, appearance and customer access were all improved.