Pintail Crossing


Location: Pintail Crossing, Town of Farmington, Ontario County
Client: Conifer Realty
Project Type: Multi-Family
Completed: Phase 1 – 2019; Phase 2 – not yet constructed
Engineers: Matt Tomlinson


Project Description:

Pintail Crossing is a 15.9-acre multi-family development at Quentonshire Drive and County Route 41 in the Town of Farmington. The project totals two phases of development with Phase 1 being approved in 2017 and Phase 2 approved in 2018. Marathon Engineering worked closely with the town and the developer to create a comprehensive overall plan that: established density, rezoned the property, provided adequate utility capacity and created oversized regional stormwater management facilities.

Pintail Crossing is a mix of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments in 8-unit, two story buildings located throughout the site. These buildings provided the opportunity to spread out the development, creating generous greenspace and a buffer to the parking areas, resulting in a spacious and welcoming community.

The first phase of the project included 64 of the 112 approved units and a community building, playground, bus loop and recreational space. Quentonshire Drive was offered for dedication to the Town of Farmington as part of the approvals to provide a future connection to NYS Route 332 on remaining lands to the west. Traffic and stormwater runoff were significant concerns of the Farmbrook neighborhood to the east of the project, with a desire to eliminate cut-through traffic. We engaged the neighbors through several meetings and ultimately created a gated access point to Running Brook Road for emergency vehicles and sited the stormwater management facilities to ensure run-off was redirected away from the southern neighbors’ backyards.

Pintail Crossing is Now Leasing